What's Ahead for the OpenELA?

Published on: May 8, 2024
Author: Alan Clark

In the final blog and video of this 3-part introduction to OpenELA, we have Alan Clark, member of the office of the CTO at SUSE. Alan details the early foundation that was laid when OpenELA began in 2023 and goes on to talk about the planned projects for 2024 and beyond. A summary of the discussion is offered below the video.

OpenELA’s primary focus in 2024 and beyond is to ensure the long term future of this open, compatible enterprise standard. Several things have been done and are in the process of being done to secure OpenELA’s foothold. Visit the OpenELA Git repo and get involved by going to www.OpenELA.org. If Slack is not a platform you can use, simply send an email to info@openela.org and a solution will be found to allow you to participate in the collaboration.

You can watch the full interview with Alan here. And if you missed them, check out Gregory Kurtzer’s blog introducing the OpenELA and Wim Coekaerts’ blog about why the OpenELA was started.