OpenELA Initiates a Documentation Repository for the Community

Published on: December 13, 2023
Author: Antoinette O’Sullivan, senior director of documentation for Linux, virtualization, and systems, Oracle

  • OpenELA is pleased to announce the creation of a user documentation repository
  • OpenELA invites further documentation contributions from the community

User Documentation Repository Now Available

OpenELA is pleased to announce the creation of a user documentation repository. From this starting point, contributors are now able to add documentation as they work through the source code repositories and make relevant notes.

Oracle has contributed a portion of Oracle Linux 8 and 9 documentation to serve as the foundation for the OpenELA documentation repository. This provides a starting point for subjects and includes areas such as Managing Core System Configuration, Setting up System Users and Authentication, and Setting up Networking.


The repository is set up in Markdown, a popular and easy-to-use text editor that should allow a wide range of contributors to submit content and other pull requests.

All documentation in this repository, both current content and future submissions, is subject to the Creative Commons Attribution–Share Alike 4.0 license.

OpenELA invites further contributions from the community. To get started, visit

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